Administration Staff

MAPrc has a strong administration team with many years of experience between them. 

They are the key people who ensure that MAPrc is run in a smooth and efficient way.



Anne Crawford

Anne Crawford started with Medicine of the Mind at MAPrc in January 2009.

Anne is the Administrative Officer for MBBS Medicine of the Mind clinical Psychiatric teaching, and arranges the psychiatric placement schedule and tutorial timetable for 4th year MBBS students at the Alfred.

Anne is based at MAPrc and works part-time (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday).




Dr Katrina McKie

Katrina completed her PhD in 2011 at the Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, in the area of organisational psychology, investigating the effects of job demands, job control, social support and organisational justice on the mental health of police officers. She has worked as a Research Fellow at ACU, a psychology tutor at Swinburne Online and as a Senior Online Instructor and Research Supervisor for fourth year psychology students (GDPA) at Monash University. Katrina oversaw the development of first year psychology units to 'flexible' online mode before commencing work at the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre as an Educational Designer. Katrina is also establishing her own business to assist mothers to balance modern working life.

Aileen McInerney

Aileen McInerney is the Executive Assistant to MAPrc Director, Professor Jayashri Kulkarni.

Rachana Pattali

Rachana is the Coordinator for Women’s Mental Health and Perinatal Clinics at MAPrc. She is responsible for organising all the administrative aspects of the clinics. Rachana is based at MAPrc and works part- time (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday).