Dr Natalie Thomas

Dr Natalie Thomas  Bsc(Hons) PhD


Dr Natalie Thomas is a Research Fellow at Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre (MAPrc), at Monash University. She completed her PhD studies in 2016 at The University of Melbourne, in the field of molecular psychiatry. This laboratory work aimed to dissect the syndrome of schizophrenia using molecular biology methods, allowing for progress toward clinically useful biomarkers. Her background as a biological scientist provides her with a comprehensive understanding of biochemistry and molecular biology techniques, combined with now a growing theoretical and practical understanding of clinical research. This provides the capacity to translate research findings into clinical practice, and vice versa, and importantly communicate effectively between the two fields.
Working within the Women’s Mental Health Division, Dr Thomas involved in clinical research programs investigating novel treatments in borderline personality disorder, depressive disorders, and schizophrenia. Using her skills in both molecular psychiatry and clinical research, she aims to further our understanding in psychiatric biological markers and molecular mechanisms of psychiatric disease. She is particularly interested in the areas of psychoneuroendocrinology, stratification of patients, and treatment response. Having now co-established a research biobank, Dr Thomas is committed to developing a unique skill set that bridges molecular knowledge and techniques with clinical research, ultimately contributing to the evolving field of translational psychiatry, with the aim of making a ‘real world’ difference.




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