Vaporising smoking-related harms in people with severe and persistent mental illness: A study
of the acceptability of vaporised nicotine products for smoking cessation or long-term
Research Team:  
                                 Prof. Jayashri Kulkarni, MAPrc
                                 Mr Anthony de Castella, MAPrc
                                 Dr Coral Gartner, University of Queensland
                                 Prof.  Ron Borland, Cancer Council Victoria
                                 Prof. Steve Kisely, University of Queensland
                                 A/Prof. Dan Siskind, University of Queensland
                                 Dr Lisa Brophy, University of Melbourne and MIND Australia
                                 Mr Gayan De Mel, MAPrc

1) To investigate if adding a tobacco harm reduction intervention to standard care for smoking cessation is an acceptable and attractive public health strategy for Victorian smokers with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI)

2) To provide pilot data to assist the design and planning of a fully-powered clinical trial

The study will:

1) Compare cigarette and nicotine product use among a) smokers with SPMI who are offered
Standard Care + Harm Reduction (SC+HR); and b) smokers with SPMI who are offered
Standard Care (SC) alone;
2) Explore whether access to novel Vaporised Nicotine Products (VNPs) and HR advice
increases/decreases interest in stopping smoking compared to the SC approach alone;
3) Determine which VNP is likely to have the greatest uptake by smokers with SPMI, if given
access to these products; and
4) Measure how smokers with SPMI use nicotine products (nicotine patches and VNPs).

 Funding for this study has been provided by VicHealth


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