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HER Centre Australia 

HER Centre Australia is a beacon of innovation in women’s mental health, standing at the forefront of groundbreaking HEALTH, EDUCATION AND RESEARCH services. 


Launched in October 2022 as a formal Monash University Centre, we are dedicated to understanding and treating mental illnesses experienced by women. 

Our focus is creating interventions and treatments that are tailored to the unique aspects of mental illness through a woman's lifespan.  We provide clinical services, education and workshops that interconnect with our discovery research to accelerate our vision of transforming the outcomes, functioning and quality of life of all women experiencing mental illness.

Unlike any other centre nationally or internationally, HER Centre Australia is committed to specifically using these insights to develop revolutionary gender-tailored treatments and interventions. 


Our research and services are undertaken via our specialist women’s mental health clinic- The Lisa Thurin Women’s Health Centre,  in partnership with Alfred Health and Cabrini Health, and through our various clinical trials of the latest potential treatments for mental illnesses that impact women.  Mental illness often has many gender-specific aspects that clinical research has not always addressed. Women and men may also respond differently to medications or other treatments.  At HER Centre, we recognise that current treatment options for women living with mental illness are severely limited, and women’s mental health problems have been underdiagnosed and in some cases, unrecognised. We are passionate about changing this situation so all women have access to safe and effective treatments.


HER Centre strives to develop awareness and understanding around how women are impacted by mental illness through our online short course in Women’s Mental Health, through our ‘in person’ conferences, public lectures, targeted presentations to community and mental health organisations and groups, as well as through our scientific publications and engagement with the media.  We also regularly engage with lived experience groups to ensure we can work towards making a tangible impact in women’s lives.  


Whilst awareness for mental health has made significant progress in recent years, there is still a long way to go to dismantle the stigma and increase understanding about the causes, manifestations, and treatment of mental illness.  This is even more critical for women’s mental health, which has only recently been recognised as its own specialty area of psychiatry and mental health delivery.  

The HER Centre Australia team adopts a bio-psycho-social, holistic model to understand more about women’s mental health and develop innovative treatments. One particular focus of our research is the role of the neuroendocrine system in mental illnesses, and specifically the role of female hormones, such as estrogen. We are conducting groundbreaking research into the use of estrogen to improve symptoms in schizophrenia and the use of selective brain estrogens in postmenopausal women.  We are also exploring possible links between the oral contraceptive pill and depression.

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Explore the latest useful information about our clinical trials

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Learn about our research in many areas of Women's mental health

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The HER Centre Australia team is working on numerous aspects of women’s mental health, the experiences of women with mental illness and potential options for treatment.

To find out more about visit our HER Centre website .

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