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Our mission is to develop new treatments, new understanding and new services for mental illnesses.

Our philosophy is to conduct world class psychiatric research with respect, equality and understanding. 


Aims and Objectives


OUR RESEARCH has a focus on world class translational clinical trials and studies that aim to make a transformative difference to the lives of individuals experiencing severe mental illness.  We are dedicated to finding effective methods of applying what we learn from research and our work in the clinical environment to address the often neglected and under-researched areas of study.  

OUR APPROACH aims to reflect our commitment to ‘bench to bedside’ research- translating directly into everyday benefits for individuals, carers and healthcare professionals.   Whilst some of our research takes a strong focus on women’s mental health, the majority of our clinical trials are inclusive of all genders and age groups, with participants coming from all walks of life. 

MAPrc RESEARCHERS adopt a broad biopsychosocial approach, without a bias towards any one disclipline of medicine, neurosicence or the arts, enabling them to translate discoveries into new treatments. 

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