Current MAPrc Clinics

In the tradition of international tertiary specialist services, MAPrc runs several specialist consultation clinics headed by the professors of MAPrc. Included in this set of clinics is a Women’s Mental Health Clinic, TMS Depression Clinic, The Voices Clinic and others to be announced. 

Women's Mental Health Clinic



Why women’s mental health?



Women’s mental health has been overlooked as a special area of mental health requiring specifically tailored understanding and treatment for women suffering with a variety of mental illnesses. Medicine has remained somewhat 'gender blind' to date, and diagnoses plus treatments are often based on the archetypical patient being a caucasian male. This often disservices women who need consideration of their biological, gender role and different responses to treatment. 

The women’s mental health clinic provides tertiary consultation in the form of second opinions by expert psychiatrists and psychologists for women with a variety of psychiatric disorders. In particular the impact of hormonal changes and other reproductive factors are carefully considered in the management of mental illnesses. 

Women with disorders such as perimenopausal depression, menstrual cycle related mood disturbances, schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder and many other illnesses are offered innovative treatments utilising hormone modulation techniques and other new approaches. 

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Mode of consultation




The main aim of the clinic is to provide an overview of the woman’s current mental state and functioning, diagnosis and past treatments, and to offer suggestions for new or different treatments. We aim to use a biopsychosocial or holistic approach to really help the whole woman and her family. To do this, we spend at least one hour with each woman, discussing her history and her observations and views about her illness and previous treatments. We are also keen to involve family members in the consultation – but only if she wishes. A letter summarising the consultation is then sent to the referring doctor and a copy is also sent to the woman. We are also happy to send a copy of the letter to other health professionals, involved in the woman’s treatment  - but only with her permission.




We aim to empower the woman by listening to her - thereby validating her observations, discussing treatment options and providing educational material plus offering an opportunity to participate in research studies if she wishes.



We also aim to assist her treating team by providing a second opinion, the latest research information and new options for treatment. We do not take over the management of the woman, but hope to add to her treatment program.


Referral to the clinic




Women seeking a second opinion require a referral from a general practitioner, or other medical practitioner, or from other mental health practitioners. 



The Women’s Mental Health clinic runs once per week on Thursday mornings.

Referrals may be sent directly to the clinic via fax or email (listed below). Once a referral has been received the patient will be placed on the waiting list. Please note the clinic currently has a waiting list of several months. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. 




Clinic staff


Professor Jayashri Kulkarni

Dr Caroline Thew, Endocrinologist

Psychiatry Registrar

Medical Students


Clinic location




Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre
Level 4
607 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne 3004





For any enquiries regarding the clinic please contact the Women’s Mental Health clinic coordinator. If you are contacting the clinic out of hours, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Alternatively you may leave a message via email.




Women’s Mental Health clinic coordinator contact days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.




Tel: 03 9076 9895
Fax: 03 9903 0762




HMST - WMH Clinic Rural and Regional Access Project

With generous support from the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, MAPrc is now able to offer access to our unique Women's Mental Health Clinic for patients and their GP's from rural and regional Victoria using telepsychiatry. The service greatly improves access for women who have difficulty accessing specialised treatment and builds knowledge and confidence in women's mental health of treating regional GPs.


One in five Australian women suffer from a mental health disorder every year. The Australian Bureau of Statistics identified that 43% of women aged 18-65 had a mental health issue at some point in their lives, and in the preceding year, women had higher rates than men of suicidal thoughts and plans.

Compounding the issue in rural and regional areas is the lack of access to mental health treatment and support. Recent research reported that 15% of specialists, but 30% of the population, live in rural and remote areas, reinforcing the need for more accessible health services in these regions.



MAPrc’s telehealth initiative aims to improve much needed access for women in rural and regional Victoria to specialised mental health services. This service is aimed at meeting the following important needs:

1. Provision of safe and secure specialist consultations using the latest in telehealth technology

2. Liaison with rural and regional General Practitioners to provide comprehensive assessment, investigation, treatment and review of their female patients with mental health conditions

3. Improvement of GP understanding and expertise in women's mental health through our collaborative approach to working with both the referring GP's and their patients



For more information or to refer patients to the WMH clinic, contact our clinic coordinator on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays:

Tel: 03 9076 9895

Fax: 03 9903 0762

or email



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Women's Mental Health toolkit for rural and regional GPs

Information and fact sheets on mental illnesses


The MAPrc WMH clinic are extremely grateful to HMST for funding this project.


Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic

Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre is opening a Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic to cater to women with serious mental illness in pregnancy and the postpartum.

Patient population
We see women with serious mental illness in pregnancy and the post-partum. We offer a pre-conception counselling service for women taking psychotropic medications to help them choose the safest alternative for their babies, and a secondary consultation service for psychiatrists and general practitioners to provide advice about safety of medications and risk management in pregnancy. We also aim to provide ongoing and coordinated care for women with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and severe depressive disorder with suicidal ideation or other aspects of risk in pregnancy and the first year post-partum.
Our research centre holds the National Register of Antipsychotic Medications in Pregnancy (NRAMP), which we consider to be an important public health initiative. We conduct research on the risks of all psychotropic medications in pregnancy and breastfeeding, and are also interested in using our interactions with the women in our clinic to inform research on the risks and challenges faced by women with mental illness in the perinatal period. We ask that all women consider this and sign a consent form if they wish to be involved in the research we conduct here. To find out more about this study please contact Ms Alisa Turbic on (03) 9076 6591 or email

Women will be seen in the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, which is located on the 4th floor at 607 St Kilda Road. This is a bulk billed clinic; there are no out-of-pocket expenses for women to attend. We ask that women bring their Medicare card with them to the appointment. This is a family friendly facility. Change mats and toys are available for babies and toddlers, who will need to be supervised by their parents or carers throughout the appointment. 


The Alfred Hospital is a teaching hospital, and as such medical students rotate through the clinic and will be present to observe patient appointments. All personal information disclosed during the appointment is confidential and will not be shared beyond the discussion within the room and in the multidisciplinary team meeting. Women will routinely receive the letter sent to their referrer to ensure that they are aware of the diagnoses and recommendations provided by the Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic.
Contact Us

Please contact reception on 9076 6564 and ask to speak with Rachana Pattali if you have any further queries in relation to the clinic or the service we provide. Alternatively you may email Rachana at with any enquiries.

Referrals may be directly faxed to 9903 0762.
We look forward to working with you!