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Hormones and Cognition

Exploring the link between reproductive hormones and cognitive function in women

Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Caroline Gurvich

Cognitive problems, including difficulties with attention, memory, problem solving and decision making, are a central and problematic feature of many conditions. Cognitive problems are often poorly characterised, poorly understood and poorly treated. The Cognition and Hormones Group is focused on characterising cognition in a range of psychiatric and women’s health conditions, with a focus on understanding the link between sex hormones, stress and cognition.

​The Cognition and Hormones Group uses traditional neuropsychological testing, combined with eye tracking technology to clearly characterise cognition across diverse mental health and cognitive disorders including schizophrenia, depression and complex trauma disorders, as well as seeking to understand cognitive, mood and behaviour changes that can occur across the menstrual cycle and the menopause transition. Our Group researches biological and lifestyle factors that contribute to cognitive problems as well as cognitive health.

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Cognitive Training in women's mental health

COGtrain is an 8-week cognitive training program (COGtrain) targeting cognitive symptoms experienced by women with mental ill health.  COGtrain was developed through a collaboration between HER Centre Australia and the Lisa Thurin Women's Health Centre, Cabrini Health, funded through Perpetual Trustees.  The program combines psychoeducation about cognition, with cognitive training strategies to improve memory; attention; working memory; and higher-level organisation and decision-making.  The clinical trial will be run through the Lisa Thurin Women's Health Centre, Cabrini Health during 2023.

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