Dr Gemma Sharp

Dr Gemma Sharp
Dr Gemma Sharp BSc (Mol Biol) (Hons), MSc (Oncology), Dip Lang, Grad Dip Psyc, BBSc (Hons), DPhil (Clin Psyc), MAPS
Dr Gemma Sharp is an NHMRC Early Career Fellow and Clinical Psychologist (Registrar) in the Women’s Mental Health division of MAPrc. She originally trained as a molecular biologist graduating with a Masters degree in Oncology from the University of Cambridge. She then transitioned to a career in psychology and was awarded a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Flinders University in 2017. Her PhD research examined the sociocultural and psychological predictors of women’s consideration of cosmetic genital surgery, as well as the psychological outcomes of these procedures. She subsequently extended this research to male cosmetic genital procedures. Gemma joined MAPrc in 2018 and continues to explore genital self-image and body image concerns from a psychological and biological perspective using both quantitative and qualitative research methods.  
Gemma has received a number of awards for her research including the Australian Psychological Society’s Award for an Excellent PhD Thesis in Psychology (2017) and the Mental Health Service of Australia and New Zealand Early Career Research Award for Excellence (2017), and she was named one of ABC Radio National’s Top 5 Under 40 Scientists (2017). Gemma is regularly invited to appear on television and radio and gave a TEDx talk in Brisbane in 2017. To see Gemma’s TEDx presentation go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOhgwjEnfAA
Gemma is also a psychologist in private practice where she treats people with a range of mental health issues. Her particular areas of expertise are body image concerns, eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder. She serves on the Australian Psychological Society’s National Clinical College Committee as the Early Career Representative.  
Key areas of interest:
·         Body Image
·         Cosmetic Procedures (particularly cosmetic genital procedures)
·         Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphic Disorder
·         Psychosexual Issues
·         Psychological Interventions and Online Therapies (eTherapies)
Gemma is available to supervise Honours and PhD students
If you would like to find out more about Gemma’s research, please contact her on: gemma.sharp@monash.edu
Key papers:
·         Sharp, G., & Oates, J. (2018). Non-surgical medical penile girth augmentation: A retrospective study of psychological and psychosexual outcomes. Aesthetic Surgery Journal.
·         Sharp, G., Tiggemann, M., & Mattiske, J. (2016). Psychological outcomes of labiaplasty: A prospective study. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 138, 1202-1209.
·         Sharp, G., Mattiske, J., & Vale, K. I. (2016). Motivations, expectations, and experiences of labiaplasty: A qualitative study. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 36, 920-928.
·         Sharp, G., Tiggemann, M., & Mattiske, J. (2015). Predictors of consideration of labiaplasty: An extension of the tripartite influence model of beauty ideals. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 39, 182-193.
·         Sharp, G., Tiggemann, M., & Mattiske, J. (2014). The role of media and peer influences in Australian women’s attitudes towards cosmetic surgery. Body Image, 11, 482-487.
For a full list of articles, please see: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Gemma_Sharp

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