Alcohol Addiction

PhD student Jodie Feil, along with supervisor Professor Paul Fitzgerald has recently received significant media attention on their research into Alcohol Addiction.
The research study uses TMS; a non-invasive technique that sends magnetic pulses into the frontal region of the brain which stimulates brain activity. The brain’s response to treatment is monitored and they hope to identify different brain patterns of those with an addiction problem compared to healthy controls.
The results have so far indicated that the area of the brain in those with an alcohol addiction is not functioning as well causing their ability to stop drinking to be much lower, therefore making it harder to know when to stop.
The study is recruiting 30 participants who have experienced alcohol addiction in the past but have been sober for six months, and 30 healthy controls. It is hoped that the results of this research can be used to find a more effective way to manage alcohol addiction and can then be used to combat other addictions such as drug and gambling problems.

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