Dr Jerome Maller explores the relationship between eye temperature and mental illness

A new research study looking into the link between eye temperature and mental illness is underway at MAPrc.

Previous research has indicated that the core body temperature is higher in those who suffer with schizophrenia which effects their brain activity and symptoms. Dr Maller will take this research one step further and explore the relationship with other psychiatric disorders such as severe treatment resistant depression. 
Dr Maller uses a thermographic camera that focuses on the eyeball and records the body’s temperature. The non-invasive process only takes ten minutes including time for the participant to adjust to the correct room temperature before recording the body temperature.
The study is recruiting 15 participants with clinical depression and 15 healthy controls. The next step will be looking at whether a reduced body temperature affects behaviour in those with depression.

 MAPrc Multidisciplinary Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, Level 4, 607 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004