Professor Susan Rossell and Neuroimaging

On 4th May 2011 Susan Rossell was officially given the role of Principal of the Neuroimaging Facility at Swinburne University of Technology (SUT).

This is an important role for Susan and will require her to launch a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner in July this year, followed by a Magnetoencephalography (MEG) in September. This is also important for MAPrc is it provides staff members with access to the most modern neuroimaging techniques, in a nearby dedicated center, with dedicated experts on hand for advice. The Neuroimaging Facility at SUT has been designed for research with clinical populations, and will allow both SUT and MAPrc researchers to address important neurobiological questions in mental illness.

The week 9-14th May Prof Susan Rossell attended a course run by Siemens Ltd on the day to day running of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner. This was an intense course requiring up skilling in MRI physics, anatomy and radiography but Susan survived and we are sure all MAPrc members who undertake MRI scanning over the next few years will benefit from Susan’s new knowledge.
10th May 2011 Susan Rossell was awarded a Swinburne Faculty Equipment Grant to purchase a new 64 channel EEG system. $65,000
This is welcome news given the large number of staff and student projects MAPrc have running on their two existing EEG labs.
5th May 2011 Joe Ciorciari, Susan Rossell and Peter Goodin were awarded a Barbara Dicker Foundation Grant to examine Psychophysiological correlates of major depressive disorder: possible early biomarkers. $5,000

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