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Events and Conferences

MAPrc is proud to host a diverse range of captivating events that celebrate our research endeavours and  achievements as an organisation. From our Asia-Pacific Conference, launch nights celebrating research projects and community pop-ups, these events are an engaging opportunity to recognise the importance of women's mental health.

Our events aim to inspire, educate and empower the health industry; enabling us to build a collaborative network of stakeholders, spread positive awareness and cultivate a platform for the discovery of new, innovative research that can improve the lives of women.

We strive to continue educating and inspiring healthcare professionals, the lived experience community- disseminating transformative research findings that can create a tangible impact for women from all walks of life.

Explore some of our upcoming events below:

APWMH Conference_D2 PHOTOS_HI-RES-22.jpg
conference photo.jpg

The Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Women's Mental Health is proudly hosted by Monash University’s HER Centre Australia, in collaboration with Alfred HealthCabrini Health and the IAWMH, at Melbourne's Hotel Chadstone.

This conference is far from a standard academic gathering; it marks the dawn of a new era in gender-focused mental health outcomes, and we want you to be part of it! 

If you attended last year’s conference, you’ll know the format is unconventional, with cross-disciplinary panels, lived experience insights, dynamic discussions, and networking opportunities all geared towards collaborative learning.

One year on from the inaugural event, we’re back for another two days of revolutionising women’s mental health in 2024. This year we’re delving deeper into the uniquely female challenges that face women, from eating disorders to ADHD, trauma, and the role of hormones across the lifespan.

Join our acclaimed speaker line-up sharing expert opinions, personal battles, and innovative solutions in women’s mental health.

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