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This is where you'll find information about various mental illnesses and treatments.


About mental illnesses

There are many mental illnesses or psychiatric conditions which are unfairly stigmatised. Often this stigma has come about due to ignorance, lack of understanding and lack of knowledge about the cause, treatment and outcomes for people with mental illness. We aim to discover new understanding and treatments for mental illnesses thereby helping to remove some of the stigma, fear and confusion about mental illnesses

About treatments

Discovering new treatments for mental illnesses through the application of neuroscience breakthroughs is one of the major roles that our organisation has undertaken. We strive to provide “state of the art” innovative, world first treatments for people suffering from a variety of mental illnesses.  Our new treatments integrate biological discoveries with psychological and social treatment strategies. 


New treatments at e delivered by our multidisciplinary team of clinical research professionals.  MAPrc is always seeking people with and without current mental health problems who can take part in our research projects. See our current clinical trials.

You can also find a list of sites with information in our 'Useful Links' section or at the Department of Health and Ageing's website at

To explore our resources, please visit the following pages:

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