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The Alfred Women's Mental Health Clinic

The Women's Mental Health Clinic provides medical, psychiatric consultation services, offering second opinions about new treatments for women experiencing a range of mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar affective disorder, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, menopause depression and menstrual-cycle related depression and anxiety.  


The clinic operates on the principle of empowering our women clients, providing lengthy consultations in which we attend to her physical health and mental health issues.  We use a biopsychosocial or holistic approach to support women and their families, as well as providing an information and education service for the woman’s treating clinicians.  Importantly, we provide each woman with the same letter and reading material that we send to her referring doctor, so that she is empowered to follow up on our management suggestions with her primary treating team.  We also encourage women to involve family members and friends in the consultations so that an inclusive education process is undertaken and each woman feels adequately supported.  


The Women’s Mental Health Clinic is the only general women’s mental health clinic in Australia- where hormone impacts, trauma and other factors are discussed in detail.  We take great pride in helping women struggling with mental illness, who have not found that standard treatments have led to good recovery so far.  We are proud to make a positive impact in women’s lives and our research findings often form the basis for our new treatment approaches.  In this way the clinic is a Research Translational Clinic, where new approaches informed by research are offered.  The women’s opinions about treatment plus their own observations inform current and future research.  


The Women’s Mental Health Clinic formally opened in 2011 with Professor Kulkarni being the only clinicians.  In response to major growth in patient demand, the service expanded and is also staffed with other psychiatrists, psychiatry registrars, medical students, and on occasion- international visiting psychiatrists.  


Feedback from women attending our Clinic has been excellent.  Overall, their feedback details huge appreciation of our unique approach that brings together an understanding of mental health with physical health and brain chemistry, especially in the context of hormone and trauma related issues for women.  

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Why MAPrc Women's Mental Health Clinic?



We use a multidisciplinary approach combining tertiary, medical, psychiatric, and endocrine consultations specifically tailored for women’s mental health.


Our expert clinicians are leaders in their respective fields, incorporating the latest research to ensure the best possible treatment for you.


We use the best in telehealth technology to ensure consultations are secure and simple to use, available from the comfort of your own home.

Patient Feedback

With the aim to continuously improve our services, we consistently obtain feedback from

our patients regarding their experience during their clinic visits. We have been receiving excellent

reviews from our patients and the feedback from our patients are a testimony of

the warmth, care and comfort offered by the clinic staffs to the patients during their visits

and speaks volumes of the knowledge and professionalism exhibited in the clinic team.

“Very friendly professional admin and clinical staff, respectful, empathetic,  empowering,and  refreshing to meet”

“Kind and caring doctors who listened to my issues and explained clearly what treatment

options were available and what the causes were.”

“A fresh approach, I had issues addressed which had been not dealt with or treated as serious by

other healthcare professionals”

“Feeling welcomed, heard and treated as an equal participant. Thank you for instilling hope

in me.”

"A wonderful group of professionals all working collaboratively to achieve the best

outcome for their patients.

“Clinicians prepared to listen and provide holistic assessment- a breath of fresh air compared to

the siloed approach elsewhere.”

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The Lisa Thurin Women's Health Centre, Cabrini Health

In partnership with Cabrini Health, the Lisa Thurin Women’s Health Centre at Cabrini Elsternwick is the first private, women’s-only mental health facility in Australia.  Located in Elsternwick, the Cabrini Women’s Mental Health service focuses on treatment for mental health conditions including:

  •  mood disorders (depression, bipolar, premenstrual dysphoric Disorder

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Complex Trauma (including post-traumatic stress disorder)

  • Addiction


This facility offers a model of care in a private, secure and empowering environment.  The facility offers a short-stay mental health program supported with intensive day/evening programs, telehealth and community support.  We offer individualised treatment and support for improving women’s mental health that focuses on holistic treatment.  We are dedicated to providing care that is client-centred, recovery-orientated, research-driven and tailored to the individual’s specific illness. 

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