Professor Kulkarni Honoured in Launch of Stonnington Women's Project

I was honoured by being one of 8 women chosen to have big photos on the Malvern Town Hall to recognise women’s achievements 

At the ceremony today (March 12th) the Head of the Victorian Women’s Trust, Mary Crooks (AO) gave a great speech and recognised our work. She said that for centuries women were invisible and this photographic display was to make women visible for achievements rather than looks My T- shirt slogan is ‘Women’s Minds Matter’

I felt really chuffed to be in the company of famous business women, champion women's footballer, feminist activist, and other fabulous women The project was done by artist Sam Burke with her colleague Rebecca Umlauf

Professor Jayashri Kulkarni
Director, MAPrc


 MAPrc Multidisciplinary Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, Level 4, 607 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004