Adjunct Professor Brian Lithgow

Adjunct Professor Brian Lithgow BSc BE MEngSc SMIEEE

Brian Lithgow has been interested in vestibular and auditory electroneurophysiology, signal processing, and the development of diagnostics throughout his career. More recently, he has done work in development of:
  • Signal processing algorithms for vestibular diagnostics (Meniere’s Disease, BPPV).
  • Signal processing algorithms for auditory prosthesis.
  • Models for vestibular dynamic responses of the semicircular canals and otolithic organs.
  • Models for electrical and audio stimulation of the cochlea consequent to high pulse rate electrical stimulation of the cochlea and modiolar stimulation.
  • Improved understanding of auditory and vestibular electroneurophysiology.
  • Speech Processing and speaker identification - improvements to and development of algorithms using optimization techniques and wavelet techniques. One patent has been generated.
  • And most recently diagnostic development for neurological and neurodegenerative disorders Parkinson’s Disease, Schizophrenia, Meniere’s and Depression. Two patents have been generated.
  • This work is being extended into separating unipolar and bipolar depression, separating Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD, separating Meniere’s Disease, peripheral vertigo and Central vertigo, and finally separating schizo-effective disorder and schizophrenia.
  • This application is to extended current research into separating Lewy Body Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.  
Along the way he was a founder of the Monash University Centre for Biomedical Engineering (MUCBE) and is currently the Director of Teaching for MUCBE, Leader of the Diagnostic and Neurosignal Processing Research Group at Monash University and a Senior Research Fellow at the Alfred Psychiatric Research Centre where he has a second new fully equipped research laboratory 'The Diagnostic and Neurosignal Processing Research Laboratory'. He is also a visiting Researcher with the University of  Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.
Previous industry/academic/research positions include:
1.      Chief Electronic Design Engineer at Hudson-Allen Ltd. - DSP encryption
2.      Deputy Head and acting Director of Biomedical Engineering at the Alfred Hospital.
3.      Lecturer (Biophysics) Swinburne University
4.      Weapons Electronic Engineering Officer-Royal Australian Navy
Over the past three years his neurodiagnostic research has attracted two ARC linkage grants (>$350,000), one NHMRC grant ($116,000), five funded scholarships, Monash University commercialisation funding exceeding $100,000, industry cash funding exceeding $220,000 and one ARC small grant ($12,000). A Government Comet grant for commercialising this research has been recently awarded for $76,000. Three international and one PCT Patents have been generated/applied for and a company formed to commercialise the neurodiagnostics research namely Neural Diagnostics Pty Ltd.
PUBLICATIONS (last three years):- 2 Patents, 9 Refereed Journal papers, 1 Refereed Journal abstract, 10 refereed conference papers, 1 Refereed Conference abstract.

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