Cognitive Neuropsychiatry

People who have psychosis are likely to experience a range of cognitive (thinking) difficulties. These affect language, memory and high level functions.

The aim of the Cognitive Neuropsychiatry group’s research is to characterize the cognitive deficits (problems with brain function) that are linked to particular symptoms of psychiatric disorders, such as unusual beliefs or delusions, hearing voices or hallucinations, and impaired thinking or thought disorder. In some cases these cognitive deficits have been linked to specific brain abnormalities. Our hope is that a better understanding of cognition will contribute to the development of new, effective medications or psychological treatments.

You can watch an overview of the cognitive neuropsychology team's work here.

The Voices Clinic

The Voices Clinic is a specialist treatment clinic for auditory hallucinations. This service, which is unique in Australia, receives referrals from clinical services throughout Victoria. The clinic is run by Dr Neil Thomas, an expert in the psychological treatment of schizophrenia. 

There is a clear need for this type of service, given the limited availability of psychological treatments for patients with severe mental illness. The Voices Clinic is a tertiary service which provides evidence-based psychological treatment to patients, in addition to their regular treatment from public mental health services or private psychiatrists.

Treatment at the clinic involves regular one-to-one therapy sessions for up to six months. These sessions aim to reduce the person’s levels of distress and disability associated with the auditory hallucinations.  As well as providing treatment directly to patients, the Voices Clinic also provides training for mental health practitioners throughout Victoria, in the form of workshops and supervision, to improve access to this important treatment.  The Voices Clinic has formed partnerships with a number of public mental health services, to whom it provides regular specialist supervision in the psychological treatment of psychotic symptoms. 

Cognitive Neuropsychology team

Team Leader and Coordinator
Professor Susan Rossell
The Voices Clinic
Dr Neil Thomas
Post Doctoral Researcher & Lab Manager
Dr Erica Neill
Professor David Castle, St Vincents Health
Professor Mike Kyrios, Swinburne University
A/Prof Brendan Murphy, Southern Health
Professor David Copolov, Monash University
Professor Henry Jackson, University of Melbourne
Professor Val Curran, University College London, UK
Professor Tony David, Institute of Psychiatry London
Professor Sue Davies, Monash University
Dr Andrea Gogos, Monash University
A/Prof Maarten Van den Buuse, MHRI
Professor Gary Egan, Howard Florey Institute
Dr Sonia Davidson, Monash University
Dr Fiona Jane, Monash University
Professor Jennie Ponsford, Monash University
Associate Professor Mal Hopwood MD, FRANZCP, Austin Health
Dr Jerome Maller, MAPRC
Dr Yitz Hollander, Alfred Hospital
Dr John Farhall, La Trobe University
Dr Pat Johnston, Swinburne University
Dr Rachel Mitchell, University of Durham, UK
Dr Greg Yelland, Monash University

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